Adaptive Method


From the time we are born, humans begin merging into society.

 This process, which is normal for others,

 is a problem for the schizoid.

The Adaptive Method assists us to move away from the expectations of society,

and enables us to function within our schizoid limitations.


The schizoid person has a schizoid foundation which is an inherent part of his/her personality,

and cannot be changed.

Some of the problems, which arise as a result of this personality, are reversible and may be eliminated.

Thus the stress involved in relationships can be eliminated.

Negative social experiences will have resulted in a low self-esteem, a lack of faith in oneself and in others.

However, by creating positive experiences, confidence and self-esteem can be enhanced or restored.


The method to improve the schizoid’s quality of life, is called the Adaptive Method.

It is a life plan which can be initiated gradually, by introducing activities slowly.






A- The  Total  Schizoid

The pure schizoid lacks many resources, but should not give up by being pessimistic

and believing that nothing can be done.
The total schizoid will need help, even though he may not request it.

And it’s possible that he may be able to live independently.

Nevertheless, his life must still have some kind of meaning, thus he needs a life plan.


B-  The Intermediate Schizoid


1.a. Avoid depression.

       Nothing can be achieved when you are depressed.

1.b. Minimize social interaction.

       Social interaction creates stress, so maintain it at a minimum.

1.c. Work in a suitable work environment. Try working with things or ideas, rather than in situations

where you have direct contact with people.



2.a. Solitary work which will satisfy you, and increase self-esteem. Find a hobby.

 2.b. Specialize in something – do not rely on your personality.

2.c.  Search for and maintain some satisfactory, personal relationship.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet.

2.d. Give affection without expecting anything in return. Exercises to increase the emotion and the affection.      


Be prepared to compliment people when you’re sincere about it

 - “I like your dress, your dog, your house, your city…”

“Your performance was great”,  Your town is very warm and welcoming”, “I hope you succeed” 

In letters say, “I would like to hug you”,  You’re great”, “I love to write to  you”, etc.


Be supportive by saying, “You’ve got my support”, “You can rely on me”, etc. Give gifts, take care of someone,

provide support, develop relationships.

Where appropriate, learn to use set phrases like: “Congratulations on your pregnancy or your birthday,

 good luck, please accept my condolences.

Give short greetings and farewells, show signs of respect,

try to understand others and, when possible, try to please others.


2.e. Be productive in your idle time.. The inclination towards fantasy, requires energy.

 Rather direct this energy into something productive, like an enjoyable hobby.

2.f. LIFE PLAN . Your schizoid condition can to go away you of society.

 You can remain as a marginal people.  IT IS NECESSARY TO AVOID THIS.

Neither is sufficient to “bear” the  life. It's very healthy to have a life plan,

 a satisfactory  personal project, something to live for.



3.a. . Some schizoids exchange their lack of motivation for a sense of duty.

Their sense of duty enables them to meet certain obligations.
3.b. . Try to maintain a small social circle.
3.c. . Maintain ties with family, even if they are far away.
3.d. Live alone, but try to ensure that there are people nearby.
3.e. Do things. Force yourself to get out of the house, and do something specific.



Some psychiatrists may prescribe antischizophrenic drugs because schizoids and schizophrenics

share certain symptoms, such as anhedonia, lack of affection, asocial behavior.

However, no results have been published.




1- The schizoid whose life is not adapted will suffer

A non-adapted schizoid life leads to:  ++ Depression  ++ Anxiety  ++ Somatic disorders 

++ Temporary psychotic episodes  ++Depersonalization and feelings of worthlessness


2- It is a mistake to attempt to make the schizoid a sociable person.



puzleWe felt like lost pieces, and they kept us in another puzzle box. Being wrong pieces, we cannot always fit in.

It is important to realize that this is not our puzzle.  Trying to force the piece to fit is a ridiculous effort,

unnecessary, tiring. We should create our own puzzle from what we actually have: just one piece...

Make it fit our own puzzle, piece by piece, just as the primitive original cell continued dividing until it created

an entirely  new organism... Invest in the process. Why try to fit in a place which is not ours?

We'll only succeed provided we comply with who we are.

Adapted from Max Steiner .

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