Schizoid  anger



In social situations, the innate reserve and social ineptness of schizoids is clear.

At some point though, despite the fact that we have no desire to be assertive,

and we do not like modern, competitive society,

we have to learn to assert ourselves in it.


Because we find it difficult to be assertive,

we may become the victims of harassment

or even aggression.

How do we deal with this - do we leave, or stay and defend ourselves?

Although we may feign indifference,

these situations always affect us deeply.


If only we had allies.

But, of course we don’t - we are schizoid, after all.

These personal attacks leave us feeling so frustrated

that it  brings the analogy of a pressure cooker to mind.



Pero aunque no lo queramos nuestra posición siempre está señalada.DESENCADENANTES DE LA IRA TRIGGERS FOR ANGER


Con carácter general la ira se alimenta de estas tres fuentes: Usually, schizoid anger feeds on three sources:

--por sufrir cualquier tipo de frustración  a sense of frustration

--por considerar que te han ofendido  being offended  

--por considerarte víctima de una injusticia  being a victim of an injustice




Los esquizoides suelen presentarse como indiferentes, pero en realidad ellos son sensibles. Although schizoids usually come across as being indifferent,

in reality, we are deeply sensitive people.  

(a excepción de los esquizoides puros) (excluding the pure schizoids).

Los desencadenantes de la ira (ver arriba) While most people have standard outlets for anger, schizoids don’t.

En el día a día el sujeto se compensa con fantasías de venganza , Instead, we compensate with constant fantasies of revenge

pero esta es una salida insuficiente. which provide little outlet for our frustration.

Y un día, repentinamente, sin haber sido planificado, Then one day, suddenly and without warning,

la furia del sujeto se desata desproporcionadamente...our fury explodes disproportionately ...


Los presentes quedan atónitos :”Es éste – se preguntan – el mismo de siempre?... Anyone who witnesses this, will wonder whether this person

 who always seemed incapable of hurting a fly -

is the same person  ….Si parecía incapaz de romper un plato...”


El protagonista de una de estas situaciones debe tomar nota de esto, As schizoids, we frequently find ourselves in situations like these.

We have to train ourselves to deal with our anger appropriately –

para dar salida a su ira de forma adaptativa,en el día a día, reclamando derechos, defendiéndose, buscando alianzas...  by asserting ourselves, and defending our rights

In other words, we have to learn to set personal boundaries.




La inhibición ante los desencadenantes de la ira (ver arriba) Our innate, schizoid inhibition is the reason for our original frustration

and, ultimately, for triggering our anger (see triggers described above).

Inhibition is a weakness when living in society.

To improve our self-image, we have to practise being assertive.

Assertiveness will enable us to defend ourselves from personal attack,

 and to maintain our position in society,

It is also the best way to prevent sudden outbursts of fury. 

(See our article on self-confidence)                     



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