An emotion is an automatic response which is both physical and mental.

A persistent emotion makes us “feel” a certain way, and places us in a particular emotional state.

The emotion may be the result of:

n      a current event

n      a memory


The schizoid personality is characterized by emotional coldness, i.e. his/her inability, or

low ability, to express the following emotions:


EMOTIONS WHICH ARISE FROM                                                         EMOTIONS WHICH ARISE FROM

THE SEXUAL INSTINCT                                                          THE SURVIVAL INSTINCT


1- Happiness                                                                         8- Fear

2- Enthusiasm                                                                    9- Anger

3- Compassion                                                             10- Sadness

4- Pride                                                                          11- Disgust

5- Admiration                                                   12- Discouragement

6- Pity                                                                          13- Shame

7- Disdain                                                                         14- Guilt

                                                                                             15- Jealousy

                                                                                        16- Envy



Our emotions have arisen as a result of our instincts.

The emotional limitations of the schizoid personality fall in the category on the left-i.e.

those which arise from the sexual instinct.

Also bear in mind that low libido is one of the characteristics of the schizoid personality.


The emotions listed in the right column arise from the survival instinct.

These are expressed with varied frequency and intensity in the low to medium level schizoid.


(1)    This list is obtained from Self Comes to Mind, by Dr. Antonio Damasio (publ. 2010).

In his book, Dr. Damasio also mentions other emotions, such as surprise,

and distinguishes between universal emotions and social emotions.

The classification in these two blocks is our.


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