Individual variations

Variations between schizoid individuals


There is no ‘standard’ for a schizoid personality, because not all schizoids are identical.

Though they frequently share common personality traits, each schizoid is an individual,

and each one will exhibit the traits in different degrees.

Not all schizoids display all personality traits attributed to the disorder.

 Nor do all schizoids exhibit the traits to the same degree.

The history of the schizoid has an important bearing on his/her specific behaviour.

Current circumstances will also influence his/her behaviour,

and this behaviour may not even fall within the realm of  the schizoid condition.

The pure schizoid is rare.

An individual can display schizoid traits, and may also display other traits

 which correspond to other personality types,

such as Schizotypal, Asperger, Avoidant, Obsessive ...

Thus you can say that no two schizoid personalities are alike.

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