The concepts of introversion and extroversion can be seen to occur along a continuum

with all human beings having a place on it somewhere.

The inherent characteristics of introversion or extraversion have a biological basis.

The schizoid personality occupies one extreme on the continuum- the introvert.

Introversion is a way of being and living where the individualís energy and interests are focussed inwards,

The inner life of the introvert is usually rich, and often endows the schizoid with enormous creativity.

In contrast, the extrovert who occupies the other extreme on the continuum,

has little capacity for introspection.


Fantasy Flings : And feelings of Power

ICD-10 describes it as: ďA marked preference for fantasy flings...Ē

For instance, when I get out of bed, my imagination fires up without any coercion.

Sometimes it is completely inane, other times it may be an intellectual exercise.

Often, however, it consists of seeing all the possible points of view of some news Iíve heard.

At other times, I simply review an incident over and over again Ė it may be some problem Iím grappling with,

or purely a fantasy which gives me pleasure.

I may create an empire, or a romantic relationship (power).Many times I find myself talking

into a microphone that some

imaginary journalist has placed before me Ė and I am explaining something to the world (power).

Frequently, I find myself taking revenge for some humiliation. In real life I would have remained unmoved and indifferent -

but now I revenge myself on the perpetrator with real fury, and feel my wounded pride.

In fantasy, I am free to admit the feelings of humiliation, pride and revenge.

However, these emotions only reveal themselves to me in fantasy.

Sometimes I leave my home and realize that I am not actually on the street, and that I donít notice the people,

because I am still Ďin my headí, absorbed in my thoughts.

I have to remind myself that I have left the house, and that I now have to get out of my head too.

It takes an effort to concentrate on my surroundings, because the fantasies are extremely intense.

Many times when I strike up a conversation with someone, I suddenly realize that I have already covered the issue in my mind.

Sometimes, even when I am in company, I continue to pursue thoughts in my mind.

Iím often asked what Iím thinking about, or why Iím laughing. Iíve also been told that I think too much..

If youíre not talking to someone, and youíre bored by your surroundings,

you will spontaneously begin to fantasize Ė this is your tendency.

With intervals, these fantasies may last several days Ė and they will give you pleasure.

If the schizoid is an intellectual person, his/her fantasies will be related to philosophy, politics, sociology, or science.

There is no effort in creating the fantasy, but there is in breaking it.

The easiest and most practical way to emerge from the fantasy is to concentrate on some other absorbing and active task.

Of course, this excludes reading or watching TV.

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