Sexual contacts

Sexual life of the schizoid

The schizoid’s libido is clearly lower than it is in the general population. Some have no sex life at all, nor are they

interested in having one. Others – and these probably represent the majority, do have a sex life, but it is limited.

They can go for long periods without any sexual interaction since their desire is limited. This sexual limitation

also affects the quality of their emotional life with their partners, and the quality of their emotional life will also affect

 their relationship with everyone else. There is no data on the hormonal character of the schizoid.

If there were, it would probably reveal significant information.

Their reduced need affects those schizoids in a relationship, and those who are single. Sometimes,

 the need may lead to sexual activity without affection. Once the sexual act has been completed, all interest in the other sex fades away,

 and that person is ignored and forgotten immediately. The schizoid believes that sexuality is overrated because

he does not feel the need for it as strongly as other individuals do. Often, sexual activity only begins late in life,

sometimes beyond the age of 30. And forget the rude and obscene jokes – schizoids are simply not amused by them..

Sexual orientation is probably about the same as it is in the general population, but the percentage of people

 who are sexually different may be greater. There is no truth in the theory that schizoids are asexual. In fact, those

 who are asexual represent the minimum .And this asexuality should not be considered a lack of sexual desire,

 but rather as a total disinterest in the sexual act. In reality, these asexual people still feel the desire for a partner

but more as a friend, living in a platonic relationship. They are not sexually aroused by intimacy,

 and may even experience the sexual act as being invasive.

These people may tolerate their partner at a distance, but not too close physically.

Though the schizoid may reject physical intimacy, he/she will masturbate when alone.

The male schizoid may fail in relationships owing to the fact that he is unable to fulfill sexual and family expectations.

 While the schizoid may succeed in establishing some sort of satisfactory relationships, he will still find it difficult

to establish any emotional bonds. Thus, it is worth bearing in mind that the schizoid personality feels

 uprooted, detached and maladjusted.

(See Treatment)

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