Human beings feel alone when….

***they are excluded from the community

***they are not wanted or valued

***they cannot share with another human….

1- I Need to Be Alone!

Sometimes, you may be obliged to stay with relatives or friends. You try to be amenable and to participate in things.

Inevitably, as time passes, you begin to feel uncomfortable.Though you try to repress it, the feeling intensifies.

And you realize, " I need to be alone!”, and that your need is critical!

But you can’t just simply disappear - there are social conventions. You could leave unexpectedly,

but will still have to endure the seemingly endless ceremony of farewell kisses. But, in the end ... you can retire.

 Finally!  And be alone. Once alone, you recover. That was all you needed - to be alone.

2- Unbearable Loneliness

You try to lead the social life expected of you, but you experience so many problems that you withdraw,

 and limit social contact as much as you can. The feeling of relief is immediate, and you attempt to find comfort

in your loneliness.  But, after a while, you realize that loneliness is withering your spirit. Human beings want and need affection.

And living in solitude in your house or room, denies you any chance of that. It is this lack of affection

which forms the foundation of unbearable loneliness.

3 - Loneliness

Loneliness will be your companion for your entire life. This is something you have accept 

       whether you are living secluded in your room, or whether you have a more active life.

       You cannot completely break with society so, though you spend a lot of time alone, you will share

       some time with others. You have to establish a balance where you keep social contact to a minimum,

       yet manage to survive without too much discomfort.

(See Treatment)

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