The triggers for social anxiety

For the low to medium grade Schizoid, and also for the introverted or shy, all of whom experience social anxiety......

these are the triggers which arouse social anxiety:

  1- The  Gaze

  Gaze is a problem.  This is extreme in stressful situations, but minimal in peaceful ones.

We make an effort to sustain another’s gaze but we cannot, and the person notices our anxiety.

Though we may sometimes endure it for a while, it soon becomes impossible.

Our visible effort to sustain a gaze becomes embarrassing for the person we are talking to,

and this deepens our anxiety.  The most practical thing is to maintain a distance, without actually addressing

 the person, and confronting his gaze only at intervals.

2 - The Short Distance

If you are forced into conversation and you can maintain some distance from your partner,

 you may cope with the situation. However, if you are forced to be in close proximity to him, you will break down.

 If you are shortsighted, removing your spectacles may help to ease your fear.

Since close proximity is what triggers fear, the greater the distance you maintain from another person,

 the more comfortable you will feel.

3- The Time Factor

  You are in conversation and feel fine because, for once, the fear has not emerged. The situation continues,

 but time betrays you. Suddenly,the charm ceases, and you break down like always. It’s as though time has contrived against you.

4- Authority

  My father (R.I.P.) died. The talks I had with him always caused me unbearable tension.

Yet he suffered as much as I did. We avoided each other ...

My relationships with my bosses, and anyone in authority have always been very difficult.

Like all other people with relationship problems, I have similar ones.

When someone speaks to you, the problem arises immediately because you know that person

expects you to look at him. Though this pattern of behaviour is typical, it does not always happen.

At times, the anxiety doesn’t surface, and we can be almost charming.

5- The Group

Intimidation, insecurity and anxiety are induced in group situations, and may be greater than in one-on-one situations..

6- The Men

On a scale of high to low, the level of intimidation induced by people is :   1º-  by men     2º-  by women    3º-  by children

Men trigger the greatest anxiety, whereas children trigger the least. Clearly, this is related to the inherent fear

of  ‘being attacked’ or suffering any damage.  

7- The Fearful Person

  One day you are surprised to find yourself enjoying a conversation. It is pleasant.

You realize that the person is naturally sociable and confident ...

However, when the person is neither sociable nor secure, just the opposite occurs:

The situation is awkward from the beginning. It’s as though similar poles repel one another...

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