The  other  mask


How the schizoid is sensitive to privacy

In classic Greek the word, “prosopon”, was used to describe both the person and the mask he wore.

The same actor appears on stage wearing different masks at different times,

 and each mask corresponds with different roles.

The word, “personality”, also arises from the Greek word “prosopon”.


Similarly, in real life, we all display different masks which correspond to the various roles in our lives, 

e.g. the mask of the husband, the father, the employee, etc..  


The schizoid displays the following, characteristic behaviour (or mask):

n      unsociable

n      emotionally cold

n      lack of pleasure in personal relationships

n      not happy in his own family

n      alone

n      low libido

n      anhedonic

n      no friends



The other mask is usually present in medium-low schizoids.

When the schizoid does not feel under pressure from his social environment

he is able to display the hidden part of his personality, the other mask.

Then we may observe a person who is

n      sensitive

n      enjoys social relationships

n      emotional

n      enjoys his libido moderately

n      motivated and active in hobbies

n      has some friends

n      can be creative

n      productive, and constant in his objectives and goals


Some people, observing this other side of me, say:

“…but you’re not schizoid?”

I reply, “I am, but I am low-medium grade. “I go through life

with my other schizoid mask.

“But, when alone with myself,

I enjoy my other mask…

“I am both.

“I wear two different masks”



I want to point out what is easily forgotten when one contemplates the works of Kafka:

 his tuck for the joy of the world and of life.
In the intimate conversations Kafka surprisingly spoke freely, coming to showing enthusiasm, to be even charming.

 The jokes and laughter did not come to an end; he laughed heartily

 at ease and knew to make his friends laugh, too.
That mood became particularly clear when it was Kafka himself who read his works. For example, we,

his friends, erupted in laughter when we did hear the first chapter of "The process".

 And he himself laughed so much that

 at times he could not continue reading.

Pretty amazing if you think about the terrible seriousness of this chapter.”

 (Max Brod, friend of Kafka)

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