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The site  is now in the 6th position in the Google search lists for USA (12/30/2010)


Narcissist make good military chiefs

According to a University of Nebraska study which comprised 900 cadets from a military academy (QUO, December 2010), those trained to take command displayed traits of narcissism, arrogance, and inflexibility.  According to Peter Harms, who directed the study, "the narcissists would make excellent Chiefs of Staff ."


Kafka had a schizoid personality style
Kafka displayed certain schizoid traits, thus he may be termed a low – medium grade schizoid ...Read more (11-24-2010)


Suicide responsible for more deaths than road accidents
The Agency EFE  has just released the news that, in Spain, suicide kills more people than traffic accidents. According to the National Statistics Institute (INE),  there are 9 suicides every day in Spain. The total number of suicides in 2008 was 3,421. This number is greater than the number of people who died in traffic accidents (3,021). Spain invests heavily to combat traffic accidents, yet no effort is made to address the high rate of suicide.

In addition, the WHO has reported that suicide is the major cause of violent death in the world, even surpassing war and homicide deaths. Every year, one million  people in the world commit suicide, while attempted suicides are estimated at around 20,000,000. (09-11-2010)       

Personality Disorders in the world population
A three-year study in Norway revealed the following results in the general population:
1st Avoidant  5%  
/ /   2nd Paranoid 2.4%   / /   3rd Obsessive-compulsive 2%   / /   4th Histrionic 2%  / /   5th Schizoid 1.7% ... etc. More ... (08-17-2010)

The world as seen through the eyes of a schizoid
The schizoid observes the world from a distance - dispassionately, with disdain .... (More ...) (08-17-2010)


A Formula for Obsessions

Mikel has published a formula to banish obsessive thoughts. See more here. (08-09-2010)

The chronic patient versus the

Many patients complain about the attitude of some psychiatrists:

The consultation with the psychiatrist proceeds as follows:  1) Listen  2) Advise  3) Write a prescription. Then all is forgotten, until next time, and so it continues.!!!!! ……
This is their job, this is their time, this is the way they operate. You will not succeed in budging them from this pattern.
Why study further? He has already studied enough  ...
Why keep abreast of research? .....
To encourage you, or to assist you to progress - well, that sounds unoothodox. And he will
find excuses not to.....
If, as a psychiatrist, you disregard the
protocols taught in Medical School, it is your problem, and you will receive no support

The psychiatrist is more of a bureaucrat than a doctor. A true doctor wants to heal you, and to encourage you. A bureaucrat, on the other hand, would find that too much effort, it would waste his time, and make him feel uncomfortable .. (Translated  fromHispaesquizoide”)  (08-03-2010)

      The first 7000 messages
     “ Hispaesquizoide”, a forum dedicated to Schizoid Personality Disorder in the Hispanic World, has reached a milestone by exceeding  7,000 postings. This self-help and discussion forum was founded in 2005. (07-31-2010)

Effects of amitriptyline

Firms that market amitriptyline report a variety of effects.

I have been taking 10 mg of amitriptyline for a month, and have personally observed the following, noticeable effects:
- More Assertiveness
- More Emotion
- More Agitation
- More Aggression
I am a 67-year old male,,  schizoid personality intermediate (languid subtype) (Taken from “Hispaesquizoide”)  (07-30-2010)

New article
A new article on the languid schizoid has just been placed on  See here. (07-29-2010)

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At the time of writing,  was placed in
1st position in the search listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, for the word “schizoid” (07-28-2010) SUCCESS
In the first year of its appearance, the web page,, has been ranked
 2nd in the Google France list for the word "schizoïde" .