A formula for controlling obsessions

Some schizoids, especially medium and low grades, experience problems with obsessions.

 In fact, some obsessive personalities, like the avoidants,

 suppress the emotions as a defence mechanism

and end up being schizoid. This formula is written for them. 

Obsessions are full of anguish, and can make one’s life a hell on earth.


1) Become aware of the obsessive thought as soon as it appears in your mind.

2) Every time (and I repeat, every time) it happens, immediately focus your mind

on something else – e.g. describe something mentally or, if possible, describe something out loud.

If you’re walking, count your steps – again,

 out loud because using the voice is more effective.

Do not try to divert the obsessive thought through passive activities, like watching TV or reading.

By forcefully diverting your own mind, you will find that the obsession which arrived with such force,

has been disarmed - it has lost its power over you, and you have won the battle.

3) Every time you dwell on a negative thought, you give that negative thought power.

Thus the more frequently you allow it into your consciousness, the more powerful it becomes.


4) Every time you manage to deflect the "obsession", it loses strength. By doing this regularly,

the thought will have less and less power over you until it becomes insignificant,

and is no longer a problem for you.

5) Create a personal "password" or action which will trigger your counter-attack – e.g. clench your fist,

or grasp your thumb. In time, this ‘password’ will become so automatic,

that you use it the moment the obsessive thought arises.

6) The goal of the ‘password’ is to divert your attention away from whatever initiated the obsessive thought,

and to focus your attention on something else.

7) When a distressing, obsessive thought presents in your consciousness, the only way to remove it,

is NOT to think about it.

Thinking about it makes you miserable, and gives the thought power.

Each time you give it power, it gains a stronger hold over you.

8) If you attempt to fight obsessive thoughts you will lose,

 because fighting focuses your attention on them.

The only way to get rid of them is to divert your attention AWAY from them,

and not focus on them at all.

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