Optimistic vision for schizoid


The following are characteristic of schizoids.

1) Owing to their problems with relationships,  schizoids tend to live and progress independently.

They seldom participate in teams except, perhaps, in a working environment.

Even as students, they often learn on their own, independently of others.

In fact, the schizoid is often an AUTODIDACT.

2) Many specialists acknowledge the remarkable CREATIVITY of the schizoid.

Though this is not true of all schizoids, it is a common characteristic.

3) They are also extremely original in their thoughts and ideas.

4) Though they appear outwardly cold, they are deeply sensitive people.

5)  Their detachment allows them to distance themselves from society, and

 to be FREE OF the PREJUDICE and superficiality common in general society.

6-     Like all introverted people, schizoids have a RICH INTERIOR LIFE.


ISAC NEWTON, one of greatest scientists,

**Was manifestly incapable of relating to others

**Not married, had no romantic relationship throughout his life



**Was emotionally detached



**Had great difficulties in maintaining social relationships, even with parents


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