Schizoid passivity



Given the range of schizoid people, different degrees of passivity are displayed by different levels.


In severe cases, the schizoid may be dominated by apathy.
These people are unable to escape their apathy, laziness, or indolence.
The word "a-pathy" refers to a lack of emotion.
The word, indolence, is used because they appear to be unmoved by anything,

regardless of  what happens around them.
They appear negligent, with no
apparent purpose other than to vegetate.
At first glance you may think that they are distracted, or deep in thought …. but they have no ability for introversion.
They are not thinking, or even imagining. They are doing nothing.

This is the highest level schizoid, close to schizophrenia.



One of the most serious problems facing the schizoid is lack of motivation.
Apathy and lack of motivation go hand in hand.

Action and activity require motivation.
without motivation, no action will be forthcoming.

As a result of apathy, the
schizoid may feel unable to undertake any project.
So, despite their wish to study, or to work, they
feel absolutely powerless.

There is no point in providing them with reasons to do so, since they already know them.
---- "I need motivation, I want motivation, but I don’t have it. What shall I do?”
In the schizoid, both lack of  motivation
and apathy are organically based,

and are determined hormonally in each individual.
Since their motivation is short-lived, they frequently begin something but stop before completion.



To p
rocrastinate means to delay, or to defer. Thus the procrastinator constantly delays his work.
so his
obligations pile up, waiting to be met.
Though the word ‘procrastination’ is used by some psychologists, its psychological basis is very weak since
it provides neither insight nor knowledge to the phenomenon of apathy-passivity.
Hence, it is merely mentioned on this page.



As a personality trait, p
assivity is similar to apathy, only a lesser form.
Thus, apathy may be described as an extreme form of



majority of schizoid people fall into this category, especially those who have been diagnosed as
intermediate or low schizoids.

School of Heymans-Le Senne ...
ranks all individuals according to their degree of activity.

According to this, people are either active or non active.
Schizoids belong to the non-active group.

Characteristics of non-active persons:
---- Slow to make decisions
---- Prefer to read, watch TV, or think in their spare time.
--- Not involved in outside activities 
--- Suffer from fatigue
---- Ideas remain ideas, and are seldom acted upon or seen through to their conclusion.

These non-active people display the lowest degree of apathy.
They differ from
active people who are endowed

with boundless energy, and who find pleasure in the mere act of moving.

There is a strong correlation between depression and inactivity.

The languid schizoid tends towards inactivity.
However, certain schizoid people who find an appropriate outlet for their creativity, may display intense devotion to them,

and be actively involved in them, but show little interest in other areas of their lives.




There is an important organic component to the personality
trait, passivity,

and this is determined hormonally in each individual.


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