Types of relationship problems


If you suffer from relationship problems, and you’re not sure how to classify yourself, this brief guide may help you:


1- Classification


SCHIZOID = Reclusive, indifferent, distant, apathetic, bored, cold. Few or no friends. Detached from everyone and everything..

                        Does not enjoy personal relationships, and partakes in few activities.


AVOIDANT = Pathological anticipatory anxiety in social relations. Hypersensitive to criticism.

                         Feels inferior, a failure, unattractive, inept. Longs to be sociable but is incapable of this.


SCHIZOTYPAL = Mixes reality and fantasy. Strange beliefs. Cognitive and perceptual distortions. Eccentric.

                                Social relations = anxiety owing to paranoic fears. Strange thought and language..


SOCIAL PHOBIA = Persistent fear because social situations cause anxiety. Fear of public speaking.

                                     Concerns about blushing, sweating, palpitations. Fear of being evaluated. Fear that their anxiety is obvious.


ASPERGER =  Fails in non-verbal communication: facial expressions, posture, gestures. Concerns about appearing ‘normal’.

Cannot share pleasure or interests. No emotional reciprocity.  Displays non functional routines. Stereotyped movements.



2 – Schizoid-Avoidant  divergences

IN THEORY  there are clear divergences between schizoid and avoidant, especially in the pure types.

individual is unique, and may display both avoidant and schizoid  traits.


ooo Both are chiefly solitary.

ooo In social relations, the schizoid feels indifference, whereas the avoidant experiences anxiety.
ooo The schizoid has no desire for social relations, the avoidant does.
ooo The schizoid does not consider  himself inferior, the avoidant  considers himself  inept, inferior, and fears being humiliated.

ooo The schizoid is passive, the avoidant active..
ooo The schizoid is indifferent to praise and to criticism, the avoidant is very sensitive to both.


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