Schizoid style


Pure schizoids
Some experts, such as T. Millon, make a distinction between disorder and style.
The word disorder is used exclusively to refer to the pure schizoid.
When referring to the medium, intermediate, or low schizoid, we use the term ‘style’.

Thus, Schizoid Personality Style refers to the intermediate, and low level schizoid.  

The pure schizoid displays most or all of the features which define schizoidism.

Hence we may say, that a pure schizoid suffers from a personality disorder.

These are people without emotions, who are unable to experience happiness, pleasure, or even fear.

Their faces are expressionless, and their speech monotonous. They seem unable to express the slightest emotion.

They may have difficulty speaking about emotions because they have have never experienced them, and cannot even guess how others may feel.

They remain apathetic, and separate from everything.

They have no motivation, and their lives seem pointless.

Interpersonal dialogue has no value for them. They seldom talk to anyone.

These pure schizoids are very rare in real life.

This website does not refer to pure schizoids, but to intermediate schizoids

who experience some emotion, and who are able to interact some level:

those who occupy a space between the ordinary-introverted, and autism-schizophrenia.

Hence this page is primarily about people with Schizoid Personality Style.

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