Social contact causes damage


Excessive social contact may cause illness


1-Contact and damage


Excessive social contact will have a negative effect on the schizoid because it creates stress,

and this stress accumulates.


When social contact becomes excessive, the schizoid may develop acute psychological malaise, anxiety,

depression, psychotic episodes, disruptions of all type, suicidal thoughts, display hikikomori...

2- Tolerance and the need to break off Ö


This pattern occurs again and again: you're in a situation which involves personal contact.

This creates stress. You want to do it, you want to be there, you want to maintain it and even pursue it.

But stress levels continue to escalate and suddenly, you feel ready to explode.

If you're going out with a woman, you suddenly walk out, with no known reasons.

If you're in a group, you disappear.

You may even have a well-paying and enjoyable job which, suddenly, becomes unbearable.

When you realize that you're suffering, you may attempt to hold on, and may even succeed for a while.

Later, though, any motivation to remain will disappear, and you feel an irrepressive need to flee.


3-      Social health


According to the WHO, health is determined by physical, mental, and social well-being.

The schizoid must address the problem in his social health.

To function fully, humans require harmonious social relationships.

However, since the schizoidís social relationships are troubled, he needs to make an adaptation (SeeTreatment).

Total isolation is not healthy, and must be avoided.

Though the schizoidís tolerance for physical presence in the social environment is minimal,

he/she should attempt to find some means of social integration which is non-threatening and satisfactory.




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