The world as seen through the eyes of a schizoid

From the outside looking in …..

Some schizoids have a pessimistic view of the life.
 They see it as absurd, boring, painful – as something that they are forced to endure.

They find the behaviour of most people immature, and are frequently in conflict because

 they believe that society is driven by inane things.
They believe that people are dependent on one another, that they
are essentially gregarious,

emotional, and perfectly predictable.

Essentially, the schizoid is content to be an observer in life, rather than a participant.

Some people criticize the schizoid’s lack of emotion, and try to change him/her to become emotional.

However, their attempts are met with characteristic, schizoid disdain.

Schizoids tends to regard everyone with disdain, not only emotional people.

This disdain incorporates the following elements:


- indifference
- detachment

The indifference and detachment shown by schizoids is well-documented.

 However, their disparagement is not.

Schizoids are extremely self-sufficient.

This may make them feel superior to others, and this leads to disparagement.


"I like seeing the World “schizoidly”, dispassionately, from a distance,
as an observer, not conventionally...: so I can understand better.

Better than those who, being ‘inside’, lack perspective ...

And you should see their silly behaviour ... the nonsense they talk ...

 the superstitions they believe ...
the lies they swallow, as if they were Hosts ...
Do you know?. Being schizoid is not so bad ...
"   (M. of Hispaesquizoide)

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