Special Working Environment


Employment solutions


1- Finding employment

One of the biggest problems schizoids face is finding employment

where they can function in their own specific way,

without discomfort. . Their discomfort generally arises because they are surrounded by people,

and are forced into being part of a team. No matter what type of work they’re involved in,

if they are surrounded by people, they are going to experience problems.

Like anyone else, the schizoid is compelled to work for financial reasons. In a work situation,

the schizoid may experience the following:


--- He/she cannot tolerate the situation and leaves.

This may happen frequently, and always for the same reason –

it is not the nature of the actual work that is the problem,

 but rather the schizoid’s inability to be around people.


--- He/she decides to persevere, despite feeling uncomfortable.

However, stress levels increase, leading to anxiety,

 depression, and even panic attacks...

Despite these health warnings, the schizoid is compelled to stay for financial reasons.

Unfortunately, staying merely leads to further health problems,

and it is advisable that he/she leaves as soon as possible.


2- Criterion-1

Each person has different limits of tolerance. In the workplace, the schizoid must be willing to tolerate

 a moderate amount of anxiety – but always within his/her limits.

Lack of pressure in a working environment

 is a dream that all schizoids will pursue, even though they may never achieve it.


3 - Criterion-2
If a particular position requires someone with charisma,  and the ability to work with people,

 then it is obviously not suitable for a schizoid personality. Schizoids should rather apply

for positions which require their specific skills or qualifications,

where they will be appreciated for their ability to PERFORM their tasks

 and NOT for their interpersonal skills.


If social contact creates stress, then you have to consider finding employment where you are involved

with objects or ideas, rather than with people.

5-Schizoid hobbies

“Your work is your hobby. Your hobby is your work” .

 What a healthy ideal!

The following are the more common hobbies among schizoid personalities:

 reading, internet, all aspects of nature

       animals, plants, countryside, mountains.

       Also pets, travelling with a partner, anything involving children

 and young students and the physically or mentally handicapped.


6- Employment

Employment opportunities differ according to region, country, economy, education, etc. .

The following list may be helpful for schizoid personalities.


1- Civil Service:. justice, ministeries.

2- Creative: drawing, music, literature

3- Driver: taxi, truck

4- Artisan: electrician, mechanic, welder

5- Housewife

6- Agriculture: farm labourer, stockbreeder, gardener

7- Electronics: TV repair, computers, electrical appliances

8- Handicraft: sewing and other crafts

9- Night jobs: doorman, watchman

10- Any occupation involving animals: zookeeper, veterinarian, veterinary nurse

11- IT: webmaster, computer-orientated occupations

12- Teaching: kindergarten, mentally handicapped , infant care

13- Science: researcher, archivist, librarian, forensics

14- Security: guard

15- Self-employed


(See  The problem nº 1”)


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